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  2. The House is adjourned until 2 p.m. on Thursday, bringing Day 30 of to a close.

  3. Rep. Lee questions that government 'will still have its eye' on criminal record, but general public will not re: HB 51.

  4. Rep. Stan Lee expresses what he said are 'practical concerns' re: HB 51; says it handles disclosure on applications differently.

  5. . echoes that there are too many felonies, agrees w/ prior comment that Ky ' forgiving state.'

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    is preaching restorative justice in Owen's expungement bill HB 64; let be justice be done and let it be DONE!! ;

  7. . asks if this is a scarlet letter that can never be removed; wished there was another way, but will vote for HB 64

  8. , speaks in support of HB 64; mentions people who have gotten in trouble at a young age, charged w/Class D felony.

  9. . says he's also concerned about creating another Class D felony in Ky; worried about ever expanding classification.

  10. . says big difference between publication, public record. He says HB 51 doesn't define publications re: mugshots.

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