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Press Releases

4/13/2014: House Republican Floor Leader To Discuss Recent Actions by Legislative Ethics Commission
Leader Hoover to be joined by House Republican members at press conference
3/18/2014: Democrats Ignore Transparency, Vote on Road Budget and Road Plan
3/11/2014: Statement from House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover Regarding Budget Bill
2/18/2014: Representative Tim Moore Files Bill Urging Governor and Attorney General to Appeal Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriage
House Joint Resolution 129 sent to House Committee on Judiciary

Article Archive

04/13/2014 » House Republican Floor Leader To Discuss Recent Actions by Legislative Ethics Commission
03/18/2014 » Democrats Ignore Transparency, Vote on Road Budget and Road Plan
03/11/2014 » Statement from House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover Regarding Budget Bill
02/18/2014 » Representative Tim Moore Files Bill Urging Governor and Attorney General to Appeal Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriage
02/11/2014 » Representative David Floyd Files Bill Named in Honor of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis
01/29/2014 » Representative Ken Upchurch Proposes Legislation Dealing With Elected Officials Serving on Taxing Boards
01/29/2014 » Representative Ken Upchurch Proposes Legislation Dealing With Elected Officials Serving on Taxing Boards
01/27/2014 » Representative Brad Montell Files Bill That Would Ban Sale of E-Cigarettes to Those 18 and Younger
01/14/2014 » Representative Lynn Bechler Files Bill Concerning Kentucky's Gasoline Tax
01/07/2014 » Representative Suzanne Miles Appointed to House Committees
01/03/2014 » House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover Announces Candidacy for Re-Election
01/03/2014 » Statement from House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover On House Democrats Legislative Agenda
11/21/2013 » Pension funding issues persist, state lawmakers told
11/15/2013 » "Issues Confronting the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly" book available
10/22/2013 » Representative Addia K. Wuchner Honors Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
10/18/2013 » Sorghum-to-ethanol ideas aired today before state energy panel
10/03/2013 » Rep. David Floyd Pre-Files Eminent Domain Bill That Protects Landowners
10/03/2013 » Rep. Mike Harmon again pre-files bill that would change the election slate on gubernatorial races in Kentucky
09/25/2013 » House Republican Floor Leader Asks for Kentucky State Police to Investigate Actions by Former LRC Director
09/11/2013 » Kentucky UI fund on ‘path to solvency', lawmakers told
09/06/2013 » General Assembly's 2014 session to begin Jan. 7
09/04/2013 » E-cigs ‘quite harmful,' says UK cancer center chief
08/13/2013 » Rep. Brian Linder Appointed to Newly Created Board That Will Oversee Kentucky's Public Pension System
08/09/2013 » House Republicans Introduce ‘A Fair Plan for Kentucky' Ahead of 2013 Special Session
07/25/2013 » Lawmakers briefed on cybersecurity concerns
07/12/2013 » Committee updated on jail pilot program
07/09/2013 » Future looks dim for new coal-fired power plants, state lawmakers told
07/02/2013 » House Republican Caucus Column: Fight Continues to Protect Our Individual Freedoms As We Celebrate Independence Day
07/02/2013 » Legislative committee discusses possible bi-monthly ration of SNAP funds
06/17/2013 » New Kentucky Laws Go Into Effect Next Week
06/12/2013 » Food Banks Seek State General Fund Dollars
06/11/2013 » Representative Montell Takes Action to Resolve $9 Million Discrepancy in State Government Contract
06/11/2013 » Lawmakers updated on end-of-course exams
06/05/2013 » Lawmakers updated on automated vehicle licensing system
04/12/2013 » Representative Diane St. Onge Proposes Legislation to Ban Drone Flights in Kentucky
04/12/2013 » House Republican Floor Leader Questions Promise by Education Commissioner on Funds Tied to Raising Dropout Age
02/12/2013 » Graduation bill clears House Education panel
02/08/2013 » House Republican Caucus Column: Major Pieces of Legislation Begin Moving Forward on First Week Back for 2013 Session
02/08/2013 » Special districts tracking bill passes House, heads to Senate
01/31/2013 » Representative Julie Raque Adams Files Bill Amending Shock Probation
01/15/2013 » House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover Receives Award for Continued Support of Kentucky's Business Community
01/10/2013 » Representative Mike Harmon Files Legislation to Strengthen DUI Penalties
01/08/2013 » House Republican Caucus Selects Leadership for the Next Two Years
11/21/2012 » Task force presents public pension recommendations
11/16/2012 » Working groups on state juvenile code unveil findings
11/16/2012 » House Republican Caucus Column: Thanksgiving a Time for Celebrating Our Blessings and Hope for Our Nation's Future
11/09/2012 » House Republican Caucus Column: Veterans Day Serves As Reminder to Honor Those Who Protect Our Freedom
11/09/2012 » Lawmakers hear search and rescue improvement ideas
11/07/2012 » Committee hears testimony on high rates of lung cancer
10/03/2012 » Kentucky in compliance with federal anti-teen smoking mandate
10/03/2012 » Veteran designation available on driver's licenses, lawmakers told
09/14/2012 » U.S., Kentucky agriculture doing better than expected
09/11/2012 » Comprehensive education policy data available to lawmakers
09/05/2012 » Calendar set for General Assembly's 2013 session
09/05/2012 » Elimination of Legislative Pensions Subject of Two Bills Prefiled by House Republican for 2013 Session
08/30/2012 » New report offers framework for Kentucky pension reform
08/23/2012 » New law is making a dent in tax filing burden, lawmakers told
08/14/2012 » Math and science initiatives prove successful, lawmakers told
08/03/2012 » Lawmakers receive update on permitting of coal mine operations
07/30/2012 » House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover to speak at this year's Fancy Farm event
07/18/2012 » Lawmakers briefed on new farm vehicle regulations
07/11/2012 » Statement from House Republican Leadership Regarding Passing of former Representative Dewayne Bunch
07/05/2012 » Top Republican in Kentucky House Urges Governor to Opt Kentucky Out of ObamaCare
07/02/2012 » House Republican Caucus Column: More Than 235 Years Later, We Are Still Fighting for Our Freedom
06/26/2012 » New Laws Go Into Effect on July 12
06/21/2012 » Statement from House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover Regarding Announced Layoffs by Arch Coal
06/07/2012 » LEGISLATIVE COLUMN: Flag Day: Celebrating an Important Symbol of Freedom, Democracy
04/19/2012 » Bill Sponsored by House Republican Signed Into Law
04/03/2012 » Representative Tim Couch, Senator Brandon Smith Announce Funding for Veterans Cemetery in Eastern Kentucky
03/08/2012 » House Bill 125 Passes Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee
03/06/2012 » House Republicans Urge Hearing and Passage of Bill That Would Cap Kentucky's General Fund Debt
03/05/2012 » Representative Lonnie Napier Urges Public to Continue Calling Committee Chair on House Bill 26
02/28/2012 » Sponsor of bill that would entail random drug testing for those receiving public assistance urges committee chair to hear bill
02/27/2012 » House Republicans file bill that would require release of redistricting plan to public, press before vote could be taken
02/16/2012 » Term Limits for State Legislators Subject of Bill Filed by Representative Mike Nemes
02/16/2012 » Rep. Adam Koenig Files Legislation Regarding Recent Federal Ruling Involving Religious Groups Providing Contraceptive Insurance
02/09/2012 » Bill to Combat Substance Abuse filed by Rep. Addia K. Wuchner
02/07/2012 » Proposal to Allow Death Certificates to be Issued in Stillborn Deaths Filed by Rep. Myron Dossett
01/23/2012 » Rep. Michael Meredith files two bills that would provide sales tax exemptions in the equine, agricultural animal industries
01/19/2012 » Rep. Donna Mayfield files bill in honor of Clark County native killed in combat
01/17/2012 » Statement from Rep. Addia Wuchner regarding cost to local government from House Democrats redistricting plan
01/12/2012 » House Republican release their redistricting plan for the Kentucky House of Representatives
01/11/2012 » Reaction from House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover to House Democrats redistricting plan: “They are political cowards.”
01/05/2012 » Crackdown on controlled substances subject of bill filed by Rep. C.B. Embry
01/04/2012 » House Republican files bill seeking to provide tax credit to volunteer firefighters
12/29/2011 » House Republicans file bill for 2012 session that seeks greater oversight on the impact, cost of state regulations
12/20/2011 » Change in how legislators vote on appropriations, revenue raising bills subject of bill filed for 2012 session
12/15/2011 » Alert system for missing persons with disabilities subject of bill pre-filed for 2012 legislative session
12/14/2011 » Rep. Bill Farmer pre-files bill that seeks to reform Kentucky's tax code
12/14/2011 » Rep. Stan Lee pre-files E-verify bill for Kentucky businesses
12/12/2011 » House Republican pre-files bill that seeks to lower filing age for public office
12/12/2011 » Rep. Mike Harmon pre-files bill that would change the election slate on gubernatorial races in Kentucky
12/09/2011 » House Bill 463 shows early progress, lawmakers told
12/08/2011 » House Republican pre-files bill that seeks to cap Kentucky's debt-to-revenue ratio for 2012 legislative session
12/05/2011 » House Republicans pre-file bill that would create a tax-free shopping weekend geared toward school related items
12/02/2011 » Employers winning most contested unemployment insurance claims, lawmakers told
11/17/2011 » Rep. Stan Lee pre-files bill dealing with Federal program that targets illegal immigrants that have broken laws for the 2012 Legislative Session
11/16/2011 » House Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover calls on Governor to oppose call for Special Session to deal with redistricting
11/16/2011 » Rep. Brad Montell prefiles bill to allow charter schools in Kentucky
11/10/2011 » Governor Beshear Calls Special Election to Fill Vacant Legislative Seat
11/10/2011 » Reduction in agricultural development funds likely, lawmakers told
11/03/2011 » Coal ash rules to be costly for Kentucky, lawmakers told
11/03/2011 » Doctor says environment might contribute to cancer rates
11/03/2011 » Rep. Myron Dossett to give back money from postage fund to state fund
10/31/2011 » Rep. Ron Crimm prefiles bill dealing with Kentucky's retirement system for the 2012 Legislative Session
10/31/2011 » Rep. Brad Montell prefiles tax credit scholarship bill for the 2012 Legislative Session
10/26/2011 » Statement from House Republican Leadership regarding resignation of Representative Dewayne Bunch
10/20/2011 » Lawmakers told WEG kept promise to draw new horse events to state
10/18/2011 » Rep. Brad Montell prefiles bill dealing with the hiring of illegal aliens
10/18/2011 » Rep. Bill Farmer prefiles bill dealing with sale of copper scrap
09/28/2011 » Representative Koenig Announces the Unveiling of "Ronald Reagan Highway"
09/19/2011 » Energy panel discusses energy diversification in Kentucky
09/14/2011 » Arrests of children age 10 and younger studied by lawmakers
09/07/2011 » Representative Kevin Bratcher Applauds Recognition for Jefferson Memorial Forest
09/06/2011 » Our Nation Continues to Heal as we Remember September 11 Ten Years Later
08/31/2011 » Kentucky Kingdom likely to make a comeback, lawmakers told
08/24/2011 » Representative Lonnie Napier re-files bill requiring drug testing for those receiving public assistance
08/22/2011 » Energy research at UK earning awards, lawmakers told
08/19/2011 » House Republicans, others blast Environmental Protection Agency
08/16/2011 » Lawmakers hear of wine industry's growth
07/28/2011 » Panel hears plans on alcohol sales at state parks
07/28/2011 » Rep. Michael Meredith, others testify on the need to widen Interstate 65
07/14/2011 » Legislators hear plans for ‘11/11/11' initiative
07/05/2011 » Representative Embry Attends National Legislative Conference
07/05/2011 » Lawmakers Continue Study of Status Offenders
06/29/2011 » Independence Day Embodies Patriotism and the American Dream
06/27/2011 » Rep. John “Bam” Carney appointed to serve on national, state education groups
06/24/2011 » Budget official: Kentucky Economy Shows Promise as FY 2011 Nears End
06/06/2011 » Rep. Tommy Turner announces expansion of UGN Incorporated in Somerset
06/06/2011 » Proposed federal rules lead to rate hike requests
05/25/2011 » Memorial Day Serves as a Symbol of Honor and a Reminder of Bountiful Freedoms
05/11/2011 » Rep. Jill York calls on U.S. Postal Service to reconsider plan to close Ashland mail processing center
05/11/2011 » County-level ag programs give farming a boost
03/25/2011 » House Bill 242 signed into law
03/25/2011 » 2011 Extraordinary Session Yields Medicaid Compromise, Setting the Stage for Budget Recovery
03/18/2011 » House Bill 34 signed into law
03/18/2011 » Medicaid Shortfall Brings Legislators Back to Frankfortfor 2011 Extraordinary Session
03/04/2011 » House Members Race Against the Clock to Ensure Legislative Action
02/25/2011 » Bill creating a standing board of college student presidents approved by House Education Committee
02/25/2011 » February Closes With a Flurry of Legislative Action
02/18/2011 » With 2011 Session Half-Completed, Legislators Quicken Their Pace
02/09/2011 » Rep. David Floyd files bill to make pseudoephedrine a Legend class drug
02/09/2011 » House of Representatives Returns to Frankfort For February Portion of 2011 Regular Session
01/07/2011 » 2011 General Assembly Begins With Organizational Week
01/06/2011 » Kentucky General Assembly's 2011 session begins
12/17/2010 » Holidays Give Us Time to Reflect on Year's Blessings
11/29/2010 » House Republicans Prefile Legislation to bring trust back to state government
11/22/2010 » Rep. Jill York working to keep postal service jobs in Northeastern Kentucky
11/22/2010 » This Year, Pay Tribute to Our Nation and Give Thanks for our Many Blessings
11/03/2010 » Kentucky House Republican Caucus picks up seven seats in the House of Representatives
10/27/2010 » November Election Crucial in Deciding Kentucky's Future
09/23/2010 » Kentucky House Republican Caucus pledges Commitment to the Commonwealth
09/17/2010 » Representative Harmon Files Legislation to Strengthen DUI Penalties
09/08/2010 » Representative Stan Lee Files Joint Resolution to Secure Sovereign Power for Kentucky
09/08/2010 » September 11 Serves a Day of Remembrance and a Call to Fight Terror
08/26/2010 » Kentucky Students Suffer Again From Lack of Charter Schools
08/26/2010 » Representative C.B. Embry and others present copies of Constitution for Grayson County Students
08/20/2010 » House Republican Caucus Express Disappointment In Beshear's Decision To Pay $200,000 To D.C. Climate Consultant
08/13/2010 » Representative Moore Honored for Role as Civic Solider
08/13/2010 » Votes for Women Celebration Honors Suffrage Movement, 19th Amendment
08/02/2010 » House Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover to Emcee Fancy Farm Picnic
07/13/2010 » Representative Montell To Participate in U.S. Army War College Seminar
07/13/2010 » 2010-2011 School Year Ushers In Kindergarten Dental Screening Requirement
06/30/2010 » Independence Day Embodies Patriotism and the American Dream
06/03/2010 » Representative Rader Applauds Kentucky State Police Honor Guard on National Championship
06/03/2010 » 2010 Extraordinary Session Update
05/03/2010 » Representative Hoover Urges Senate President, House Speaker For Budgetary Agreement
05/03/2010 » Editorial from State Representative Stan Lee: Charter competition would improve schools
03/28/2010 » Representative Hoover Renews Call Upon Attorney General
03/08/2010 » House Republicans Stand United Against Broad Tax Increases
03/02/2010 » Representatives Montell and Lee Act to Competitively Pursue Stimulus Funding
02/18/2010 » Representative Hoover files Legislation to Expand Medical Service Coverage
02/08/2010 » House Republicans Welcome Former Legislators Back to Frankfort
02/02/2010 » Legislative Panel Approves Measure Promoting Civic Duty Education
01/25/2010 » Representative Farmer Breaks from Tax Reform Work Group
01/07/2010 » Representative Hoover Calls Upon Attorney General To Challenge Health Care Legislation
01/05/2010 » House Republicans Study Key Issues As 2010 Session Convenes
12/22/2009 » The Spirit of Christmas is Hope, Goodness and Unity
12/16/2009 » Representative DeCesare Unveils Legislation Geared Towards Government Fiscal Accountability
11/03/2009 » Representative Brad Montell Joins with Louisville West End Community Groups in Support of Public School Academy Legislation
09/30/2009 » Home Weatherization Assistance Available for Kentucky Families
09/23/2009 » House Republicans Head Back to the Classroom to Take on the Role of Civics Teacher
09/01/2009 » Legislative Update by State Representative Sal Santoro

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