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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any real difference between Republicans and Democrats?
Yes, there is.  In the late 1970's, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat, stated, "of a sudden, the GOP has become a party of ideas."  That was true then and it is still true today.  The Republican Party is where honest political debate can take place by those who want to see our government succeed.  We do not tolerate such tactics as fear-mongering, political pandering or playing up to outdated stereotypes.  Rather, the Republican Party is a vehicle used to achieve a government that is more responsible and responsive to those from whom it derives its authority . . . the voters.  We support increased fiscal responsibility, economic independence and the protection of traditional social values.

How many members are in the Kentucky General Assembly?
There are 138 members in the General Assembly, 100 in the House and 38 in the Senate. 

How many Republicans?
There are 63 Republicans in both chambers, 41 Representatives and 22 Senators. 

How can I visit the General Assembly when it is in session?
We encourage the citizens of the Commonwealth to come and observe our daily House Floor action.  Please contact any of our members or the House Republican Leadership office to schedule your visit.  Anyone wishing to visit the House Chambers must obtain a pass, which will provide access to the gallery.

Does your office offer internships?
Yes. The House Republican Leadership Legislative Intern Program provides college students a unique opportunity to not only see the lawmaking process firsthand, but to also work in conjunction with Kentucky’s elected officials. For more information about the program, check out our “Internship” page listed under the “Students” tab on this website or you may contact Matt Niehaus in the House Republican Leadership Office. 

How do I best contact a legislator if I have a question about legislation or wish to invite them to an event?
There are a number of avenues available to citizens who wish to contact their legislator or any member of the General Assembly. Each of our 35 members has their direct contact information listed on “Caucus Members” pages found under the “About Us” tab.   You may also call the toll-free legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181 or visit the Legislative Research Commission website at
How do I register to vote or re-register if I have moved?
You may visit your County Clerk's office or go to the Kentucky Secretary of State's website.  


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