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Caucus Members


Steven Rudy
1st District
House02.jpg (9747 bytes)
Richard Heath
2nd District
House04.jpg (9747 bytes)
Lynn Bechler
4th District
House05.jpg (9747 bytes)
Kenny Imes
5th District
House07.jpg (9747 bytes)
7th District
House09.jpg (9747 bytes)
Myron Dossett
9th District

Ben Waide
10th District
House17.jpg (9756 bytes)
C.B. Embry, Jr
17th District

Dwight Butler
18th District

Michael Meredith

19th District

Jim DeCesare

21st District

Tim Moore

26th District

Kevin Bratcher

29th District

Julie Raque Adams

32nd District

Ron Crimm

33rd District

Jonathan Shell

36th District

Stan Lee
45th District

Bob DeWeese
48th District
House49.jpg (9747 bytes)
Russell Webber
49th District

David Floyd
50th District

John "Bam" Carney
51st District

Ken Upchurch
52nd District

Bart Rowland
53rd District

Mike Harmon
54th District

Kim King
55th District

Brad Montell
58th District

David Osborne
59th District

Sal Santoro
60th District

Brian Linder
61st District

Ryan Quarles
62nd District

Diane St. Onge
63rd District

Thomas Kerr
64th District

Addia Wuchner
66th District

Joseph Fischer
68th District

Adam Koenig
69th District

Donna Mayfield
73rd District

Davide Meade
80th District

Regina Bunch
82nd District

Jeff Hoover
83rd District 

Tommy Turner
85th District

Jim Stewart
86th District

Robert Benvenuti
88th District

Marie Rader
89th District

Tim Couch
90th District

Toby Herald
91st District

Jill York
96th District


Kentucky House Republican Caucus

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