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Kentucky House Republican Caucus pledges Commitment to the Commonwealth

House Minority Leader announces legislation to mark a new day, a new direction for Kentucky


Kentucky House Republican Caucus pledges Commitment to the Commonwealth
House Minority Leader announces legislation to mark a new day, a new direction for Kentucky

Declaring “A New Day, A New Direction for Kentucky,” House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover, joined by members of the House Republican Caucus, today announced a legislative agenda that will make government more accountable to the people of the Commonwealth.


“Our government is out of control at all levels.  By making this commitment to the Commonwealth, it’s time that we in the House Republican Caucus take back control and make government more accountable to the people who elect us,” Hoover said.  “Kentuckians want government that works for them, is fiscally responsible, accountable to taxpayers, and is ethical in the way it does business.”


Hoover announced the first of two bills that have been pre-filed for the 2011 session as part of the House Republicans’ commitment to honest and open government: 

·   BR 153: Require legislators (through a constitutional amendment approved by voters) to forfeit their pay during a special session if they are unable to pass a budget during the regular session of the General Assembly.

 ·  BR 154: Require any bill that raises taxes or spend tax dollars to be made available to the public and all legislators at least 48 hours prior to a vote.


“The people of Kentucky are tired of the same tax-and-spend politics that they’ve been seeing in Washington making its way to Frankfort,” Hoover added.  “It’s time we acknowledge that if we don’t do our job, we shouldn’t get paid.  Likewise taxpayers have a right to know what we’re doing with their tax dollars.”


In the coming weeks the House Republican Caucus will file additional bills for the 2011 session, including those that would:


·   Close pension loopholes for all state elected officials.

·   Require all state construction contracts to go to an open, competitive bidding process.

·   Require all state government agencies to put every expenditure and contract related to taxpayer dollars online.

·   Streamline Kentucky’s Medicaid system to save money and produce better outcomes.


“By taking these steps we can create an open and transparent state government that in turn will allow for better job creation in the private sector and better use of taxpayer money for education and health care,” Hoover added.  “It’s time for a new day, a new direction for Kentucky, and House Republicans are prepared to make our government accountable for the people, by the people.”

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