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Representative Ken Upchurch Proposes Legislation Dealing With Elected Officials Serving on Taxing Boards

House Bill 276 would ban officials from membership on panels that level, set tax rates

Representative Ken Upchurch recently welcomed his friend and Wayne County native Congressman Harold Rogers to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (January 29, 2014– Representative Ken Upchurch, R-Monticello (52nd District) filed legislation today in the Kentucky House of Representatives that if approved would not allow a current elected official from serving on a board, commission or district that sets or carries out tax rates.  House Bill 276 would cover city council members, school board members, mayors, magistrates, county commissioners, state representative, state senator, and any other elected official.


“This is a good government piece of legislation that seek to eliminate potential conflicts of interest, where people could have taxing ability as a local or state official, and also taxing authority on a second board,” said Rep. Upchurch.  “This bill harkens back to the ‘one person, one vote’ form of government that our forefathers based our nation and Commonwealth on.”


If signed into law House Bill 276 would add a new paragraph to KRS 61.080 that states ‘no person shall, at the same time, fill any two (2) governmental or quasigovernmental offices if each office has the authority, whether the person acts individually, or as part of a board, commission, district, or other similar group or body, to levy taxes or to set rates or fees…’  House Bill 276 allows an exception if a previous enacted statue requires an elected official to serve on a board or commission that sets or levies tax rates.


Rep. Upchurch filed House Bill 276 on Wednesday, January 29th to be considered during the 2014 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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